The Diamond Soul by Andrew D Harry

along the road to becoming whole

“Whoever travels without a guide, needs two hundred years for a two-day journey.” Rumi
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Reviews for The Diamond Soul

On one level, it is quite easy to rattle through, this book, following the story, recognizing steps of the journey here and there – and, job done! Oh! But wait. I feel uplifted yes! But I’m still the same old me, stuck and beleaguered and bewildered by my life. So, for me, it took one false start and two sessions to read Andrew’s work. This is no fault of the author. It seems to me to indicate the density and deeper invitation of a book, that on the face of it, is deceptively slim and simple. So beware! Appearances can be misleading. This is a short story. This has pleasing and sometimes amusing rhymes and word play. This is also perhaps, half a lifetime’s personal work. This is also one of the great eternal quests. This book also asks questions. What we have here is an extended poem in the form of prose, on the matter of attaining one’s own peaceful authority in a human existence. The format itself seems to illustrate that, alive within and beyond the prosaic every-day, is the provocative, mysterious and other, leading to the light of the living soul. In my experience of my own particular steps through the territory that Andrew’s work describes – it is a book laying out in an often dizzying sequence – inner work, that may take a long while and demand tough application! This accessible story and its warm invitation and encouragement to follow suit, is nonetheless very welcome. The language is chosen with intelligence and understanding. Often, sentences are compact and elliptical, and their meaning reveals itself through the reader’s thought and contemplation. Experiences, paths, ways of approach, are suggested or simply described, like a map to inspire or a set of filmic images unfolding in front of us. Our conditioning, which gives us such a seemingly solid and limiting sense of who we are is a powerful and persistent shaper of our lives, perceptions and experiences. A psychotherapist, a Buddhist, a philosopher, would each have a somewhat different way of describing the human condition and of how to begin to free ourselves from unhappiness, misery, pain and dissatisfaction. “The Diamond Soul” describes such a journey from the everyday of our repetitive toiling to a homecoming of a warm heart at ease upon the eternal ocean. This book invites, encourages, demands – curiosity, dedication, and ultimately a kind of surrender. May this book be a help and inspiration in lessening suffering and in bringing the light of love to troubled souls in a troubled world.

Adrian Shaw

In The Diamond Soul, Andrew Harry invites us, in an innovative way, to go on a journey with him as he examines the nature of inner strife and how he learns to find the way forward, upward and into love and joy with ease, sureness and permanence. Or rather, he invites the reader to take the simple steps to begin their own journey alongside him. The innovation, at least to this reader, lies not only in Harry’s considerable and robust insights into the nature of reality, love and happiness and what lies between that and our current, individual paradigms but in how he has structured the book and developed the language styles he uses therein.

Many chapters in the collection barely fill up one page and none are more than a few pages long. Each, though, contains profound thought and incisive insight, yet the conciseness of the chapter yields an easily digestible segment for the reader. Harry’s path towards relaxation, love and living in joyful reality is not laid out in a straight line but nor does it meander aimlessly. In The Diamond Soul, he masterfully rouses us from performing a perfunctory read of the book through the use of diverse literary devices, perhaps echoing his Neuro Linguistic Programming training, such as changes in tempo, metaphor, precise language, poetic illustration and, to this reader’s surprise and delight, seemingly ad hoc rhyme! Part of the effectiveness in his approach is that he does not tell us how to move forward into light but gives us the insight into how to discover our own path.

I found this book to be a very entertaining, deeply helpful and, as Harry encourages, relaxing read.

TP Coode

In The Diamond Soul the author invites us along on his journey from lost to found, from being trapped in too much thinking to deeper feeling and connecting. Beautifully written in a lyrical, even poetic, style; intimate and personal, he asks us to imagine, rather than analyse. A meditative read.


This book provides an insightful view of your potential journey to improve well being. With our lives frightfully busy or significantly sedate, we often misplace the cultivation of ways to improve our lives through emotional and spiritual positives. With an accumulation of personal experience and practical knowledge, the author tries to expand your thoughts to whole body mindfulness in search of optimal health and happiness.

W. Yung

A peaceful read and ponder to see what you think, a re-construction of a journey, you might not even know you are taking. This book is intriguing and a joy to get to the essence of author’s point being made, whilst engaging with your feelings.

G. Whiteman

An extraordinary, part biographical, poetic treatise, that paints a descriptive, moving and heartfelt picture, using analogous narrative on a journey to beyond the constricting confines of fear and doubt, that seeks to present to the reader the balanced core of certainty, self realisation and love, and in so doing unveil the simple and often misunderstood mystique of happiness.


Beautifully crafted journey of self empowerment.
A gentle nudge to be open to source ,to align With our inner being. To regain what is rightfully yours.

Jason Carter

Beautiful use of language describing inner thoughts.
In these turbulent times it can resonate with us all.
Poetic phrases with bite size chapters, it’s a book that can be read at any time.
Well worth a read.


What a lovely book, clear and easy to read. Really helps you to understand how to relax and enjoy life and nature, well worth the price.

Si Colgan

Andrew is a seeker. For me this book is about seeking. Intimate, insightful and honest these writings seem to chart a collective experience from a first person perspective. The reflection on, and examination of, the internal processes points to the larger narrative unfolding ever faster on our beautiful planet and how simple, thoughtful sensitivity can lead to positive change in all things. Valuable stuff.o relax and enjoy life and nature, well worth the price.

Josie Stone-Taylor